Monday, 19 April 2010

I just found out that I'm only covered 70% for short term disability now, since I've been on it for about 15 weeks. Shit... that will just basically pay for my rent... no living expenses. I have to try to get back to work... try to keep my mind clear. Pray that I can do it. Pray that I feel better by next week. My boss is off this week on holidays... so it's time to meditate and relax. I have been sleeping a lot the last week since I've been back on the Seroquel. The side effects have worn off a bit... but I've been having some crazy nightmares.

I just stepped on the scale by my washroom... wow... 292Lbs. Since I've been off work I've really let myself go to shit. It's nice out and I have to try to drop some weight so I will feel more comfortable this summer. I guess right now I can't really afford to be eating out... so that solves that problem.

Day 1... 292Lbs...

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