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Friday 23 October 2015

Taking it Easy While Using Fairhaven Health Nursing Products - Nursing Pack Giveaway!

Disclosure: I got this product as part of an advertorial.

For those of you who read and follow my blog, you would already know that I recently had a baby. You would also know that I've had issues regarding infertility, as a result from PCOS... I've blogged about it many times in the past. My little Brianna is a little over 3 months old, and she's my miracle baby.

While I was pregnant I contacted the company Fairhaven Health, to inquire about their products. I was fortunate to be able to test some of them, mainly the ones for post-pregnancy... for nursing. I actually intended on writing this blog post months ago, however, having a newborn was a lot more work than I previously expected. It also doesn't help that she was colicky, which took up a lot more time trying to calm her down on a daily basis. I have figured out that cutting out dairy (milk) has made a huge improvement, and I've finally been able to start catching up on my blogging.

The company put together a nice package of goodies for me to test out. Now since I was pregnant, I wasn't able to test them out until after Brianna was born. I had them sitting at home waiting for me, and I actually wish I had packed them in my hospital bag... I truly needed the Milkies Nipple Nurture Balm. I was in the hospital for three days, so by the time I arrived home my nipples were raw... they were cracked and starting to bleed. I wish I had taken pictures of this product, however, I used it up before I was able to! Yes, it's that good... it was a major life saver.

It's a natural nipple cream that helps soothe the nipples for breastfeeding woman. The product is made of organic ingredients, is all natural, it's safe for both the mother and the baby... doesn't need to be washed off before feeding the baby. It's lanolin free, and doesn't contain any harsh chemicals or additives. Another thing that I loved about this product, is that it contains no animal products, and never tested on animals.

The second item that I received was the Sitting Pretty Soothing Spray. I was incredibly happy that I actually remembered to pack this in my hospital bag! I was lucky that I didn't have to receive any stitches after giving birth to my daughter, but that doesn't mean that I wasn't in any pain downstairs. Most woman would at least experience some swelling, and possibly hemorrhoids... which unfortunately I had to deal with that. The spray is all natural, and designed to help sooth when you're in these situations.

The spray provided quick pain relief, and I believe it might of helped heal me faster. Sitting Pretty Soothing Spray features Witch Hazel to tone, tighten, and regenerate your skin, and Peppermint Oil to cool and numb your aching parts. The herbal extracts and Lavender essential oils help soothe and heal your swollen tissues, while Tea Tree Oil and Grapefruit Seed Extract serve as a natural disinfectant.

The third item that I received was the Milkies Milk-Saver... another amazing product that I feel every breastfeeding mom should have. What is it? It's a device that you wear while you're nursing, so that you can collect the leaking breast milk from the other breast and store it. Breast milk is the healthiest and cheapest food for your baby... I like to call it liquid gold. It's easy to use, just slip it into your bra and wear it when you nurse. It's durable enough that you can even wear it around the house, just keep in mind that if you bend over it might leak... I've done this a few too many times. The Milk- Saver comes with a case, which helps keep it nice and clean when you're out and about... it would fit in most diaper bags.

The last item that I received was the Milkies Freeze. It's a plastic device that is meant to go in your freezer to help store your breast milk. It is a container-like system, that helps you organize the milk for proper storage. It conveniently lets you stack the milk once it's been placed in proper storage bags, and  helps you keep track and use the milk that's older. It also helps prevent freezer burn, which makes the milk last longer than if you were to put it on the freezer door. There is even a metal tray at the top, which is a quick freeze tray... than once the milk is frozen you can easily drop it in the Freeze container for storage. This can hold up to 60 oz of milk!

Overall, I'm very thankful to the company for sending me these products. Having a baby can be quite costly, and having these items helped keep costs down.

Interested in getting some of their products? Sure you are... click here to grab yours today. Interested in checking out their Facebook and Twitter pages? Of course you do... you never know when you may come across a deal!

One lucky winner will get a chance to win the same items that I got to test out... new of course! To qualify, you must be a resident of the USA or Canada.

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