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Saturday 11 July 2015

Feeling Better With My SantaMedical Non-Contact Thermometer #NoncontactInfraredThermometer!

As of today I'm currently 38 weeks pregnant, and I guess I'm feeling okay compared to how I could be feeling. I have however, felt a little off the last few days, which brought me a trip into the hospital yesterday evening. I had my weekly routine appointment with my gyno for a follow up, and she asked me how I was feeling. I had noticed the last few days that I've been extremely tired... more than usual, and my hands and feet seemed to be itchy as hell in the nighttime. So, that meant many hours of testing and lots of fun at the hospital down the street. I have to go for a follow up on this coming Sunday, which in the end might end up with me being labor induced.

While I was home the last couple days and I was feeling a bit off, I've been monitoring a number of things... my blood pressure, fetal movement with an app on my phone, and double checking my temperature. Thanks to a product that was sent to me from the company SantaMedical, I got to test out their Non-Contact Infrared Thermometer!

I own a couple other thermometers at home, one that's old school and is so hard to read, one that is somewhat digital, but is still the type that you have to place in your mouth. So when I heard about a thermometer that was infrared and is one that doesn't have to be placed on your skin or in your mouth... I was super excited to give it a try. I was originally a little confused as to how it would work, but somehow it does. I tested my temperature on all the thermometers that I own, and they all came up in the same temperature rage. The big difference with the new one... it literally took just a second for the reading to appear!

The packaging was typical of a medical device... all the information was listed and provided in a booklet form. When opening the package, I was super happy to see that batteries were actually included with the item. Nothing worse than getting a gift or purchasing something, and then when you're ready to use it you need batteries. Loading the batteries were super easy, really no instructions were needed, however, they were there for those who may need it. Honestly, I didn't even need to read the instructions... the device is kinda idiot proof! You can easily select if you want the temperature in Celsius or Fahrenheit, which the button for that is labeled. The main round button on the bottom you would push, which is when you would point and aim to scan your forehead. It's that simple... the reading comes up instantly.

Would I recommend this product? Yes... this will come in handy once my little angel arrives. Babies, toddlers and children can be difficult to take their temperatures... at least it is with the old school thermometers. This device will surely be a lifesaver in the future, and save me from many headaches.

Wanna get one for yourself or someone as a gift? Of course you do... click here to buy yours today!

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