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Monday 20 July 2015

My Little Angel is Here!

Where have I been hiding the past week? Well, a little over a week ago I had a follow up appointment with my gyno, and she was concerned since my blood pressure was sky high, and I had itchy hands and feet. So she sent me over to the birthing department in the hospital that she works out of, so I could have some tests done. After being hooked up to monitors for a few hours, they asked me to come back first thing Sunday morning... that's when the Dr was in next, so she could re-evaluate everything.

Went back Sunday morning, was hooked up to multiple machines yet again, and all my stats were still out of wack. Surprise... they decided that I needed to be induced! I was admitted, given my birthing room, and the fun began.

At exactly 3:30am on July 13th, my little angel was born! I was in the hospital for almost a week due to her losing 12% since birth, but once we got the hang of breastfeeding she's up to a good weight... my blood pressure was all crazy, so I'm on a fair amount of meds to help control it. 

Well, time for a quick nap since my angel is finally asleep... Will update you all soon.


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