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Saturday 11 July 2015

Outdoor fun for kids this summer

Image by Micheal Hickerson used under the Creative Commons License.
Summer is here, and there is no better way to share some quality experiences with your kids than by getting outside and enjoying the sunshine and warm weather. Sometimes it can seem impossible to come up with activities that will hold a child’s attention for more than five minutes, but here are six great activities that will bring the whole family closer together.

Image by Micheal Hickerson used under the Creative Commons License.

1. Gardening
Working in the garden is a great way to not only spend time with your kids, but to teach them the importance of respecting nature and preserving our green spaces. Try picking them up a wooden or plastic set of tools from your local garden center, and do fun activities like planting a tree, which they will be able to watch grow for years to come. 

2. Build a playground
The ultimate kid dream is to have your own private playground in your backyard. If this sounds like a lengthy and expensive endeavor, it doesn’t have to be. Just think of some of the simpler parts, like swings, a sand pit, and if you’re feeling up for it, maybe even a slide. There are options for every budget available from retailers like Tesco or Kmart. 

3. Camping
Taking your kids on a camping trip is a fantastic way to allow them to experience the natural world, and to introduce them to new types of plants and animals. Try organizing fun activities like an orienteering treasure hunt. If heading out into the wilderness sounds a bit too perilous for your family, then backyard camping is also great fun, and can seem just as authentic with the proper equipment—tent, sleeping bags etc. 

4. The Park or Botanical Gardens
It might seem like an obvious choice for a family outing, but heading to the park can be a new and fun experience if you bring the right attitude and games along. A few balls, a board game, and a picnic blanket can open up into a whole day’s worth of fun. To switch it up, try heading to the local Botanical Gardens or an arboretum, where there are often programs and pamphlets to help kids discover their green thumb. 

5. Movie Night
Sure it’s not outside, but having a relaxed evening in and watching a marathon of the family’s favorite movies is a wonderful way to laugh and unwind together. Try teaching your kids how to make popcorn and snacks. With today’s streaming capabilities there is no way you’ll run out of great things to watch. 

6. Build a Fort
This traditional childhood activity never gets old. On a rainy day you can easily utilize the couches and pillows as your walls and roof, and on a sunny afternoon head with blankets and sheets to the backyard to drape your fort from the trees or clotheslines. There will be a whole lot of great creative and imaginary play involved, which is a huge positive for any kids development.

So don’t forget, coming up with great activities for you family to do together doesn’t have to be complicated, and the most important part is the quality time spent together.


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