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Thursday 12 July 2018

6 Signs You Are Totally Addicted to Your Dog (In the Most Awesome Ways) #doglover

A dog has the power of taking over your world in the most awesome way possible. They love you unconditionally and they expect nothing less in return. Doggie parents are perennially proud of their canine buddies and they display their love for them by sharing countless photos on Facebook and Instagram. In this post, we reveal 6 signs commonly shared by pet parents who are obsessed with their dogs in the cutest possible ways.

You Are Always On the Internet Looking for Cheap Pet Products: This is officially the internet generation. While some people think less of millennial's because of how much time they spend on the internet, they fail to realize this where they go to work, play, and buy random things. If you are a pet parent who loves to score good deals then you are probably always looking to buy discount pet items in bulk. From poop bags to pet food items, you aimlessly browse the internet for hours to find the perfect products for your dog.

All Your Instagram Posts Are Centered Around Your Dog: A classic sign of doggie obsession is when you cannot seem to frame a shot without including your dog. The result, your social media uploads are nothing but an endless series of selfies with your dog.

You Have Your Dog’s Photo Set as Your Phone’s Wallpaper: You don’t care for classy digital wallpapers anymore. Instead, you use a wallpaper app to loop your dog’s best photos. This is just so you can spare a glance while you are busy working at the office. Now, that’s unconditional love.

You Can’t Seem to Fall Asleep Without Hugging a Warm Furry Body: Sharing a bed with a dog takes some getting used to. Initially, you might feel uncomfortable and cramped for space. However, as the days go by, you grow use to sleeping with you hairy four-legged friend. Suddenly, without realizing it, you cannot seem to fall asleep without your dog by your side.

You Read Pet Food Labels More Than You Read Books: While you might love to gorge on chips and other unhealthy stuff without much thought, you can never allow your dog to do the same. This is why the simple act of you buying pet food takes hours. Only because you want to read each ingredient on every dog food product label before including it to your dog’s diet.

You Spend More Money and Effort on Your Dog’s Grooming Than Yours: While we humans do love to go to salons to get our hairdos, it’s nothing compared to the lengths we go to keep our dogs looking good. After a rigorous interview session to find the best pet groomer in your area, you spend hundreds of dollars to ensure your dog’s coat is shampooed, conditioned, and trimmed. You also visit pet stores and online shops to buy the most luxurious dog shampoos and other grooming products money can buy. While your dog might not like the frequent baths, you certainly enjoy taking care of your pet.

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