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Sunday 12 August 2018

Nighttime Chocolate Thief! #sneakytoddler

Brianna, © 2018
Just woke up to pee and had originally planned on going back to bed. When I walked into my washroom, it didn't look the same as it was left... a sneaky toddler had been there. I'm not ashamed to admit it, but my bathroom is my hideout from the little Munchkin at times... it's where I hide my snacks! I know what you're thinking, ewww... how can anyone eat in a washroom? My washroom is incredibly clean... only I'm the one who uses it. Plus, it's where I go when I need to hide! Yes, sometimes throughout the day when I'm close to losing my shit (just need a breather, not literally shit), it's the only place I can have peace and quiet. Okay, maybe not complete peace and quite... I can usually hear Brianna in the background squealing or driving her father nuts!

Anyways, when I walked into the washroom, I noticed the KitKat bag of chocolates was out on the counter. Hmmm... chocolate first thing in the morning sounds like a good idea. So I went to have a little snack, to find the bag almost empty. This was a big bag, one that you'd probably pay $14 at Costco for... one that should be for company or possibly last over a month... it was just bought on Friday. How could anyone eat a whole giant bag of chocolate in one sitting? I like chocolate, but the thought of eating that amount makes my stomach turn. Partially pissed that I have to renew my chocolate stash, I decided to inspect the apartment for evidence. Looked at Rob... he's not a chocolate lover... he wouldn't dare steal mine. I looked at Brianna... so cute and innocent laying in bed asleep. No evidence of it on her face. There's no one else here, so I decided to snoop a bit more and pull the blanket off of the little monkey. Yep... found the chocolate thief... she had melted chocolate all over her shirt, fingers, and the bed sheets. How she didn't get any on her face, I'm amazed.

Looks like my cute baby had a good time at her little chocolate party while I was in a deep sleep, which means she'll probably be sick when she wakes up. She looks so cute and innocent while sleeping... no one would suspect that she's a nighttime chocolate thief!

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