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Friday 26 February 2016

Monitoring and Losing Lbs Using My Kitchenier Premium Kitchen Scale #Kitchenier!

Disclosure: I got this product as part of an advertorial.

For many years I've used a kitchen scale for a huge part of my meal planning, mostly due to me having gastric bypass surgery. I haven't been using it for every meal like I used to, but I've been using it on a regular basis. When you buy stuff already prepared from the store, they're already pre measured into portions. But what do you do when you've prepared food from home? I'm trying to eat clean and healthy, so I've been getting back into measuring and keeping track of everything that I put in my mouth. The best way to monitor your eating habits and calories, is to measure and keep a food diary. Thanks to my new Kitchenier Kitchen Scale, mealtime and snacks are properly monitored. You'd be amazed at how quick the calories and fat can add up throughout the day, that you really wouldn't realize what you're truly eating until you write it down. I personally like to use an app on my cellphone for that... MyFitnessPal... username kimmie1980ca. If you're looking to track the food and drinks that you consume, feel free to add me.

I was sent an electronic kitchen scale from Kitchenier, and I must say that it's a new favorite of mine in the kitchen... other than the food! Automatically, I liked the look of the scale more than other leading brands. It's black and shiny in color, with white outlines for the buttons and main logo. Since most of my kitchen appliances are either stainless steel or black, this fits my decor perfectly. Since it's a dark color, it automatically looks more expensive and appears clean longer. The only issue with the unit, is that it shows fingerprints right away... but it comes with a cleaning cloth that shines it up nicely.

When the scale arrived in the mail, it was nicely packaged. It was snugly and securely wrapped, to help prevent any damage in transit. The unit was covered in clear plastic, to help prevent any scratches or dirt from affecting it. It came with an instruction booklet, which I didn't really need to read... but I did for the sake of this review. It's very simple to use, you could even figure it out without any instructions. Another thing that I really liked, was that the scale came with the batter already included. All I had to do was remove the battery and the protective seal, and then put it back into the unit for use. Nothing worse than getting something home to realize that it didn't come with batteries, and then you have to wait to buy some.

The unit is super easy to use, and only has two buttons that you have to deal with. The "unit" button lets you select between lbs, kgs,g, and oz... I personally like to use lbs for when I weigh my food. The second button is the "tare" button, which once you place a bowl, plate or container on top, once you push the button it drops the weight back to 0, so you can weigh your food. The top of the unit is made of durable tempered glass, which makes it super easy for cleanup, and also has a digital display for easy reading.

I've owned a few kitchen scales in the past, and this one tops them all by far. Performance wise it's the best, but also looks wise, I'm not embarrassed to have it sitting on the counter. I also love that it has a power saving feature which will shut the unit off if left on... I'm famous for forgetting to turn things off, so this feature was made for me!

Interested in getting some of their products? Sure you are... click here to grab yours today. Interested in checking out their Facebook page? Of course you do... you never know when you may come across a deal!

I received an item(s), in exchange for my honest opinion, and a review of my experience. I did not receive any other compensation or incentive nor was I required to write a positive review. Individual results or experiences may vary.

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