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Saturday 29 October 2011

Le Personal Coach: A French Trainer's Simple Secrets for Getting Fit and Slim without the Gym

I have spent half of my life on a mission to lose weight and get healthy, and I believe I have finally gotten a handle on it, and lost over 100Lbs. It wasn't easy of course, it's a daily struggle. So when I find a product to help me with my struggle, I have to share is with my readers. I recently read the book Le Personal Coach: A French Trainer's Simple Secrets for Getting Fit and Slim without the Gym, that's written by Valerie Orsoni. She's a well known celebrity coach and founder of LeBootcamp.

This book is perfect to keep in your desk at work, in your gym bag, in your purse, or wherever you need a little inspiration. I like to keep the book on my coffee table near my big television, so when I get tempted to pig out, I can easily read it. The book is filled with fitness, weight loss, and health tips... with many inspirational sayings and quotes.

Don't let the idea of exercise daunt you. A fit, trim-and less-stressed-body is just around the corner. And a gym membership and large bulky home equipment aren't even part of the equation. Simply follow the informative, yet fun, tips and techniques in Your Personal Coach by celebrity fitness guru Valerie Orsoni and you'll be looking and feeling good in no time. Each quick exercise or idea is something that can be easily incorporated into your existing lifestyle and will become lifelong healthy habits. Orsoni's proven nutritional and fitness advice includes:

  • How to fit in exercise while you're on a plane, at the playground, in the kitchen, on line, at work, on a cell phone, or shopping
  • Exercises to increase bone density
  • Professional dancers' secrets to a natural breast lift
  • How to increase self-confidence and decrease back pain by improving your posture
  • Strategies to avoid feeling overwhelmed so you can target your trouble zones
  • Easy ways to instantly de-stress

So if you're someone like me who has struggled with your weight, or someone who just wants to get healthy and fit, then this book is for you! This is the tips and inspiration to help keep you on track, and become a better you... it's like having your own personal coach in your bag! Click here to purchase!

I received an item for review for my honest opinion. I was not compensated for this post. All opinions are my own, and others may vary.

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