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Wednesday, 14 July 2010


give me room to speak
give me space to breath

I have an overactive brain
I need a place to relax
to lay down and not think
if I think...I won't be sane

don't leave me sitting alone
there are things that will crawl in
eating my every thought and emotion
I'd be eaten from the bone

in a matter of minutes
don't leave me alone

don't leave me to sit and think
about the bad thoughts blazing under my skin
things that make my heart swell
before it sinks

being beaten down into my chest

makes my whole body quake
forcing me to curl onto my bed
never wanting to sleep
never wanting to wake

I want company
I want a friend
all these people you see are fake
they smile at me and talk to me
but it's a cruel facade, my curse
I can't talk to any of them
they wouldn't understand
and only make me worse

stay and distract my wondering mind
distract me from the things that make me
as crazy as I feel
when I've been confined

if you're here

and believe my lies
buying into my smile
allowing me to pretend
I never cry

maybe the lies will be true
and the smile genuine
but for now
just you
just me
just stay here
keep me company

but give me room

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