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Thursday 5 February 2009

Say A Prayer

Yesterday was incredibly stressful. I worked and my mother was picking me up so that we could head to my aunts house since they're away in the Virgin Islands. My cousin is getting married and the whole family went for the wedding, except my mom and myself.

When I got into the car after work I could see that my mother had tears in her eyes and I knew something was wrong. Grandma was in the hospital in The Virgin Islands and they were afraid she had a mild stroke. She also had Pneumonia pretty bad... her temperature was 102.5 and oxygen level was 88. I guess for some reason I always thought grandma would be here much longer... but this is definitely a wake up call... we could go at any time.

Later in the night we found out that it wasn't a stroke... thank God, but that she had the pneumonia really bad. It was so bad that she didn't even know where she was. She was still thinking that she was in Toronto, and that she was going to take the bus home. This is really scary... her being this sick and so far from home. She's almost in her 80's so it can be very dangerous when a senior gets pneumonia.

Everyone please pray for my grandma... she's my second parent... I love you grandma.
Please God... have an angel watch over her.

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