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Tuesday 30 September 2008

Get Fit, Lose Weight!

When it comes to exercise, I would like to try something new and exciting. I believe I may have found what I am looking for in XFLOWSION, which claims to be an exercise program that efficiently and effectively gives us all three workouts in one convenient workout, combining the proven best moves from martial arts, power yoga, and dance, providing jaw-dropping results in 1/3 the time.

I really need to take some serious action and get my body back on track. I have had to actually pay even closer attention to what I eat, and raise my metabolism to a desirable stage to burn off the excess fat. This is a challenge, as I've always had a problem with my weight for as long as I can remember. I have always been a person who would yo-yo up and down on the scale. Weight in my family goes on so quickly that it takes no time before you've gone up a dress size.

XFLOWSION really sounds fun, and I will be sure to offer up a better opinion as I take myself to the next level. From what I can see celebrity trainer Eric Paskel, who has shaped up some of the hottest bodies in Hollywood, combines his leading-edge fitness and psychology background to bring fresh, constantly shifting moves which are specifically designed to promote continuous fat burning and muscle toning. Well, I can honestly say this meets the criteria I am looking for in a workout, and I love dance, and have always wanted to try martial arts, and yoga. Sounds perfect to me! And I can try all of this from the comfort of my own home!


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