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Tuesday 30 September 2008

Awesome Sports Video Site!!!!

I came across this new site similar to YouTube, but it specializes in all kinds of sports. The site is called SportsVids and it's a one stop shop for all the sports videos a user could possibly ever want. You can watch any sport like hockey, baseball, basketball, boxing, cheerleading, volleyball, tennis, skating, and much more. Upload your all time favorites of team players, college sports, and highlights through history.

Here's 5 sports video's that I uploaded to my profile on the site... they're awesome!

This is a great tribute to the Toronto Maple Leafs from over the years.

This is a great tribute to Tie Domi... awesome player of the Leafs who likes to kick ass!

This is a collection of ultimate fighting in hockey!!!

This is a tribute to the Blue Jays from over the years which also highlights when they won the 1992 World Series... this I remember watching on TV when Joe Carter got the run that won it!!!

This is the awesome commercial that Coca Cola played right after the Jays won the World Series the second time in a row (1993)... this I remember watching and thinking it was really cool. Wow how time sure flys by.

Even though I'm not much of a sports fan, I do remember some moments in time and enjoy watching them again. If you're a sports fan you gotta check out this site and watch some sports clips... they're awesome!


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