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Thursday 2 October 2008

Is Something Wrong With My Cat? Please Leave Comments!

For those of you who read my blog on a regular basis, you would know that I'm obsessed with cats. Yes... I'm a crazy cat lady! Anyway, the reason I'm writing right now is that I'm a little concerned about Mr Jingles.

Mr Jingles has always tried to wake me up early morning everyday for the last two years... but lately he's been more annoying about it. Normally I would wake up, give him fresh water and food and go back to bed and everything is all happy. Lately that hasn't been enough. I'd lay in bed and he'd be meowing and meowing like there is not tomorrow. So I'd get up and check his litterbox... clean that even though it's not bad and then go back to bed. Two minutes later... meow meow... and I'm wondering what the hell is he doing. I get up again and empty his litter and wash the box, and then fill with fresh litter... come back to bed and try to sleep. Again... he'd start meowing and meowing... but this time it sounds like he's crying. Hmmm... what the hell does he want now? So I try to play with him... but he doesn't want to play. Hmmm... very interesting... so I come back to bed again.

Again about ten minutes later he starts meowing... this time I'm pissed and I ignore him... he jumps up and starts bugging me and Rachid in bed... a minute later... he pisses on us. Hmmm... great! So I wake up... remove the bed clothes and clean the bed... put fresh sheets on... and then go back to bed. This time he lets us sleep.

Anyone know what is going on? This went on for about a week and a half... it stopped... but I'm just curious if anyone else experienced this? Hmmm... was it a full moon outside? It might have been... does anyone know if that makes a difference?

Please leave comments and let me know!


  1. we finks you might hafta take him to the v-e-t an' haf him checked out for cystitis in his bladder. the cryin' might be acause he hasta pee an' is holdin' it acause it hurts to go. we finks its likely, if he stopped hollerin' after he finally peed. and the "on you" thing was to drive home the point that "HEY! I'm hurtin' here!"

    it's either that, or he's just playin' wif yer head;-) we hopes you gets him checked out soon, an' that there's nuthin' wrong that can't soon be mended.

    best fishes
    ed, nitro, & xingxing
    the meowers from missouri

  2. an' we furrgot to mention--stress can cause this in a kitty. if you is stressed or there is tension inna household (!) it can be contributin' to his problem. an' our mom sez, no, you shouldn't leave him alone, if you keep from it. you can email her straight through our profile, if you has any ofur questions.

  3. I think the Meowers from Missouri have a good point. Going potty right on your bed is not usual behavior and there could be something like a urinary tract infection going on.

  4. Two of my parent's cats had a similar problem and they had developed crystals in their bladders that required surgery to remove. They now have to eat an organic food that is supposedly easier to digest and doesn't cause the problems.

    Good luck!


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