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Saturday 26 July 2008

Went Out Anyway

I didn't end up going to Mandi's birthday party, but I did go to a movie. We went to Red Lobster... we couldn't decide what to order, so we got fish and chips and popcorn shrimp, and shared! Nothin better then deep fried fish! So from there we continued to walk to Yorkdale mall...and I was a little hot since I've been so lazy being at home all the time. Ya...I was feelin the heat and sweating.

Anyway, we ended up seeing the movie The Step Brothers. Let me tell you that it was hilarious and it will be added to my collection once it comes out on dvd. We couldn't stop laughing the whole movie...which is what I needed!

After the movie we walked a bit...took our time walking through the parking lot. As usually by this time Rachid was calling trying to ruin my time. I shouldn't have let that bother me... but I was little upset about it. Other then that part, it was a really nice evening. It's just nice to actually go out for a change

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