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Saturday 28 June 2008

The Perfect Man

Did you ever notice how most men are afraid to show woman how they really feel. Men have been taught by society its not macho to show a woman their sensitive side. Seems as if they show they are sensitive that makes them weak. I for one love a man who can cry and express all his inner feelings. I think its wonderful when a man feels that comfortable that he lets it all out. The perfect man knows his way around the kitchen as well as the garage and isn’t afraid to change a diaper. Hes not afraid to show his wife in front of his friends that shes his everything and would do anything just to see her happy.

Woman are a lot different than men we have no problem showing our true feelings in front of anyone and in any place. Most of us are looking for Mr Perfect unfortunately there isn’t many perfect men out there. We all have flaws but we can search just for the people who are similar to us. The most important thing to me is that a man has to be a good listener, not just pretend hes listening to me and a half hour later i ask him something about what I said and he has no idea. To be able to have an intelligent conversation and spend a lot of time talking. Not just talk but to share his feelings as I share mine.

If we live together he has to be willing to share all the responsibilities. I’m not a maid and if we both work then both should share in cleaning the house and doing the shopping. Its really simple to get along it just requires a bit of patience. Understand woman are more sensitive than men, something that may not bother you could be really upsetting to her. Whatever you do don’t forget important occasions they might not mean much to you but its something a woman will never forget and you will never live it down.


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