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Thursday 26 June 2008

Back Home!

I'm finally back home. I was at my mom's place and I felt lost without internet and good tv! She has AOL and it keeps crappin out on her...I hated not being able to write in my journal here, and hated not being able to check my messages on Socialspark.

I went to my mom's house because today I had an assessment for Telus Mobility. I think it went well...although I ran out of time in one of the sections. I pray that I passed and will hear from them for an interview. They said that they would call on Friday...not tomorrow...a week tomorrow. If I get an email from them that means that I failed and that would fuckin suck!

I did get a call today from a Mike regarding a part time dispatch job. He just wants me for Friday and Saturday night. It would be $10/hr that's not bad. It would be an extra $600 a month that I could just throw in the bank. Ideally I really want that Telus job and then this for the weekend. I don't normally sleep until about 3am anyway.

Wish me luck!

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  1. lol we're so.. similar. Getting panicky without the net, tv or phone lol.

    goodluck with the job hunt, trust me I feel you, currently out of school, unemployed, except blogging which doesnt pay.


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