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Saturday 28 June 2008

The Perfect Woman

It may seem cliché, but in talking with men about the perfect woman and just who exactly she is, it really comes down to whether or not a particular woman is perfect for them. It seems that that perfect image that the media constantly throws in our faces, really isn`t what men hope to capture. Why are they so enthralled by these images of perfection then? Well, it seems men are better able to separate fantasy from reality than we women are when it comes to feminine perfection.

About Being the Perfect Woman

We women are rarely able to accept our own “perfect” version of ourselves because it doesn`t look the same as what we see on television or in magazines. In reality, we find however, that this is really all it takes to make a man happy. It seems that in general, neither men nor women like perfection. Why? Because it`s intimidating and we know it isn`t real. Think about it - how insecure would we feel if we were constantly surrounded by people who looked perfect, acted perfect, and never made mistakes. It would be difficult to say the least. This may explain why extremely gorgeous women have trouble finding a date - men don`t want perfection because they aren`t comfortable with it and they know they could never match it.

How We Underestimate Just How Perfect We Really Are

My definition of perfection is being the best self that I can be - flaws and all. I`ll never have Halle Berry`s figure or Ashley Judd`s face, but if I take care of myself and love myself, I can have the most beautiful and healthy version of my own figure and face. When we know this about ourselves, we radiate our own version of perfection, and by all accounts, this is what men really find attractive.

Surprise, Surprise

What attributes do men say they find common in the “perfect woman?” Confidence in herself and her abilities, the ability to take herself lightly when needed, an accepting attitude, a sense of humor, and a positive outlook. Any male who says he`s looking for Ashley Judd`s face or Halle Berry`s figure, although beautiful in their own right, probably isn`t mature material and worth your time. Real men do look at what`s on the inside and countless polls and surveys say so. It seems the general consensus is that men would rather go out with an average-looking woman, by the media`s standards, with a great personality, than a drop-dead gorgeous woman who is lacking in the character department. Maybe us women need to give men a little more credit and lighten up on ourselves as well?

Not only is this plan of action great for men, but may help us women stay a little more sane by realizing that we can become our own individual definition of the perfect woman.

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