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Thursday 3 August 2023

Summer is half over! #weightlossjourney #Ozempic #summerfun #camping

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I can't believe the summer is half over already... it's the August civic long weekend coming up. It feels like just the other day I was planning the camping trip, and that's now long gone. It's been an awesome summer so far, and I don't want it to end. 

At the beginning of July I went camping with my partner and our two kids to the KOA campground in Barrie. We borrowed my neighbours popup tent and camped for 7 days - which I must say there was some challenges along the way, but I can laugh at most of them. It started on July 2nd... we rented a truck to be able to tow the tent/trailer to the campsite. We had zero knowledge or instructions from U-Haul and ventured to the site. Well, we were on the way there and the damn trailer came off the hitch on a hill! Shit... we ended up blocking the small highway as people were passing us. Thank God 4 people pulled over to help us... didn't realize that we forgot to put the pin on the hitch, which made it bounce off. One of the gentlemen were kind enough to give us one of his that he had... thank you to the wonderful people who stopped and helped us that day. It's also a good thing that we didn't have any of the kids with us at that time... we wanted to go and set everything up first and then grab the Munchkins.

We arrived at the campsite and had a hell of a time setting everything up... once again thanks to some amazing campers next door to us that helped us set up the pop-up camper. I'm sure they enjoyed the show from beginning to end... especially watching my partner try and back the trailer up using a U-Haul truck! 

Once everything was set up, we took the truck back and then swung by our Barrie home to get Brianna. We weren't able to pick up his daughter until the next day... so first thing in the morning we went to Toronto to get the Munchkin. We flew across super fast and was back at the campsite... I can't even remember each day what we did, as it felt like one really long day instead of 7 days! We went swimming daily, watched evening movies with all the kids at the campground, enjoyed crafts, water fights, board games and plenty of temper tantrums! 

After a week camping we ended up going back to Toronto and visited Canada's Wonderland and The Toronto Zoo. I have come to the conclusion that I'm no longer a fan of rides, especially roller-coasters. I never used to understand my mothers fear for rides when I was growing up, but I now understand. Not only am I afraid to go on most of the rides, but it scares the shit out of me watching the girls on the rides. I guess it's a sign of old age when new fears start to popup!

At the end of the two week vacation we finished with Brianna's 8th birthday party at Funvilla... 2 hours of fun where the mess gets to stay there! 16 kids with pizza and cake and 2 hours of racing around and bouncing from the sugar rush. It didn't end there... family came back to our Barrie home and the fun continued with all the cousins. It was a fun vacation, but I'm glad it's over... I'm tired!

With being on vacation I wasn't always sticking to my diet, but I was being careful to prevent the possibility of dumping syndrome. I've been on Ozempic for a few months now, and have been somewhat watching what I eat. I've tried to keep track of what I put in my body, and have dropped some weight. As of today I'm down to 175lbs... which means I've reached my first goal.

Currently I'm at 175lbs!
1st goal weight 175lbs
2nd goal weight 150lbs
Final goal weight 135lbs

I had coverage for Ozempic through one of the insurances, but unfortunately they're now questioning if I should be covered. Since I don't have diabetes, it's no longer covered. I'm using it for PCOS since Metformin makes me too sick to be on it, and the weightloss from it is just a bonus. As of August 15th, I will have to pay out of pocket for it... which means the cost will be $236.40/month (Costco). Anyways, hopefully by the end of summer I will be closer to my next goal.

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