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Thursday 2 March 2023

Time to drop some pounds! #newyearsresolution #weightloss #gethealthy

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I want to start off by wishing everyone a Happy New Year... it's now 2023! I have no idea where the time goes, and there never seems to be enough time. I actually intended on publishing this post January 1st, but the time flew by too quickly. 

I had a new years resolution that I failed at already. Yes, I intended on dropping some pounds and of course I put a few on. Actually, more like 15lbs since before the holiday season. I indulged a bit too much, and now my ass is feeling it. I feel sluggish, and have a hard time doing regular tasks at times. It could be a combination of the weight gain, along with the severe anemia. I did finally get an appointment with a specialist to go for iron infusions... it only took me about two years! I have the consultation in April and get a date for starting treatment.

Currently I'm at 195lbs
1st goal weight 175lbs
2nd goal weight 150lbs
Final goal weight 135lbs

Moving forward I've decided to cut out the following: 
Sugar, chips, bread, dairy.

Need to increase the fruits and veggies, water, lean protein and more vegetarian alternatives.

I want to be down to at least 175lbs by the middle of spring and possibly lower by summer. I need to be able to keep up with my daughter, and more importantly be healthier for her. Need to get out of the funk that I've been in, get off my ass and move around. The cold weather hasn't helped with me getting some exercise, but that needs to change. I've enrolled for the rec centre close to home, and waiting on confirmation of the membership. I know I feel better when I go to the gym, and stick to a workout schedule... it helps manage my anxiety and depression.

Anyone else on a mission to drop some pounds for the warm weather? Join me in the journey and follow me on my social media!

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