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Thursday 22 December 2022

Getting Ready for the Holidays #christmas #elfonshelf #recipes #parenting

Elfie, © 2022

I can't believe how quick time passes. It feels like just yesterday I put the Christmas tree up along with all the other holiday decorations. I had put everything up at the end of November, thinking that it was too soon. It actually feels like it hasn't been up long enough... just this weekend is Christmas. I feel like there's so much I still have to do before the big day. Once again I'm having Christmas eve dinner at my place... feels weird saying my place, since it's four generations under one roof now. Part of the family will be coming for dinner, and I'm making Italian food. On the menu is my vegetarian lasagna... using my famous homemade spaghetti sauce, meatballs (new recipe - posting soon), caesar salad with homemade dressing, and garlic bread. This year I'm not doing any appetizers other then chips with salsa. I want to relax and actually enjoy the company, instead of being stuck in the kitchen the whole time. Even though it's open concept on the main floor, when I'm in the kitchen cooking I feel like I still miss out on conversations.

This past week I've also been trying to conquer getting my daughter to sleep in her own room. Yes, I know she's too old to be sleeping in my bed. I originally let her after the move to Barrie, but time passed too quickly. Now that we've been living at this house for over a year, I finally put my foot down about her being in her own room. I've been using the Elf on the Shelf as an excuse to sleep in her own bed. I told her that Alfie only comes alive at night when children are asleep in their own bed... which is true in my house! So since Alfie came out of hiding from the decoration boxes, when she slept in her room he would come out and play. One night he was hiding on the staircase, and another night he was hanging from her bedroom light fixture. Last night he was hanging out on her headboard watching her sleep... okay, that's slightly creepy when I think of it! But using Alfie as a tool to get her to sleep in her own bed, has actually started working. She's come into my room a couple times in the early morning, and crawled into my bed to cuddle a couple times, but she's doing really good. 

Any suggestions on getting your children to sleep in their own beds? I would love to hear how you've been able to accomplish this, as I'm incredibly tired. I've had too many late nights of going back and forth trying to get her to stay in her room. This week I've been hanging out in the loft that's outside her room, and sitting on the rocker making sure she doesn't escape her room. By the end of the week I'm not going to be able to use Alfie as a reason to sleep in her own bed, so I need some tips!

Hopefully I will write one more post before Christmas, but just in case I run out of time...
Happy Holidays... Merry Christmas... Happy Hannukah and have a Happy New Year!

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