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Friday 18 September 2015

Beauty Products To Use When You Have The Common Cold

The common cold already struck my household, and it will likely move on to yours before the year is out. Sadly, having the sniffles doesn’t always get you a day off work, so that means you have to go about daily life without looking like a monster. Learn from my beauty mishaps and learn to look good on the outside, despite how you feel on the inside.

1. Leave the bright lipstick at home.
I always think a cheery pink lip color will help make me look less sick, but when you’re wiping snot off your face with a tissue all day, you’re likely to smear that pretty pout. Instead, keep lips moisturized with a clear balm, likeEOS Organic Lip Balm Smooth Sphere ($3.29, It will keep lips hydrated and can be reapplied all day long without a mirror.

2. Give your cheeks a swipe of color instead.
Flushed cheeks are always a sign of good health, so use a brighter shade than normal. MAC Cosmetics has some lovely berry shades, like Dollymix ($20, that will give your face the pretty hue you need.

3. Tea tree oil is your friend.
When you’re suffering from congestion, tea tree oil can be a natural way to alleviate it. Put several drops in your bath water or use it in water you splash on your face. I, myself, kept a small bottle ($9, at my desk and used it as aromatherapy when I had trouble breathing through my nose.

4. Keep concealer on hand.
Sneezing, coughing, and having a runny nose means you’re going to have to deal with lots of redness. Aside from using lotion-infused tissues, your best bet is too keep a great concealer on you, like Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics concealer ($20, Dab a little bit around your nose before stepping into a meeting to fake good health.

5. Go easy on the eye makeup.
Red, watery eyes can sometimes be another side effect of the common cold, so eyeliner is out. Instead, try a mascara for sensitive eyes, like Almay Get Up And Grow Mascara ($7.99, And if you still want a little color on your eyes, try a dark blue or grey eye shadow, which will help reduce the look of any redness you have.

What beauty product makes you look or feel better when you’re sick?

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  1. I especially agree with your tip about blush and concealer! I am currently getting over a's just that time of year, I think :) Thanks for sharing!


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