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Sunday 13 September 2015

Cleaning Up My Tomoson Account #NuElle

I've been working with a company called Tomoson for a number of years now. They're a website where other companies can join, to have bloggers review their products. I have a fair amount of items pending on their website, and for some reason they aren't removing them for me. I've contacted those companies regarding not receiving the products, however, Tomoson won't remove them from my list. There's quite a few that are dated well over three years ago... some of those companies aren't even around anymore. By not completing those, they're affecting my stats... so I'm writing this blog post and will add what's needed to help flush those off my account. If anyone from Tomoson is reading this blog post, there has to be an easier way to clean up peoples accounts... something you need to work on to improve the site.

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  1. I am Tomosan product provider. The communication system and process is terrible. many times we provide product and receive less than 50 % of the reviews and yet they say that they are verified reviews and yet the links provided are not not correct.


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