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Tuesday 18 June 2013

More Stone for Less Money!

Are you looking for a reputable moissanite dealer? Why not go to the original dealers, by Charles & Covard? This dealer is the first, the best and the dealer with the largest inventory of beautiful regular and forever brilliant moissanite stones. Lower cost for more luster: Engaged couples are always surprised to learn that the cost of moissanite is much lower than that of mined diamonds. Because of its beauty and affordability, couples are choosing moissanite gemstones for their engagement and wedding rings.

Heavenly Halo and Double Halo: A popular ring now is the halo and double-halo engagement ring. This setting has a larger stone in the center that is surrounded once or twice by a ring of tiny moissanite stones. The sparkle in this ring is like no other! This is because, technically, moissanite has more fire and brilliance than mined diamonds. This ring setting is certain to be noticed.

Forever Brilliant Versus Regular Moissanite: If a couple wants ring stones that are four percent whiter than conventional moissanite and 10 percent brighter than a diamond, Forever Brilliant moissanite is the stone to get. Interestingly, many people have their hearts set on the conventional moissanite they have purchased previously. Both have a fire and brilliance that is incomparable to that of a mined diamond.

More Stone for Less Money: Whichever moissanite type that an engaged couple chooses, they will not have to worry about conflict diamonds, cloudy stones or carbon flaws. Both types of moissanite have zero imperfections.

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