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Thursday 18 August 2011

Weekly Medical Update: Myself & Jingles!

I don't know what is wrong with me, but it's like I'm having hot flashes. Ummm... I can't be going through menopause yet, I'm only 30. I have a crazy headache, and I'm so tired... maybe it's the Prozac that I started last Saturday. So far it's okay, nothing too crazy. I've had some bad experiences with other medications before where I started to hallucinate, and that's not happening with this so far.

I see the therapist on Tuesday, so I will be updating her on everything that has been going on. I still feel down, but not like before. I dunno... I just don't feel like myself. I can't wait until I'm back to my old self again, if that will ever happen. I'm starting to think maybe I'll be crazy forever! Ha... trying to add a little humor. I guess we're all a little crazy in our own way. I'll tell you what's driving me nuts, is my insurance company that denied my disability claim. Grrr to them! I have to resubmit information again... maybe they want a kidney as well, maybe then I'd actually get approved! Well until approval, I'm poor... no rent money, no food money, NO MONEY!

Speaking of no money, I have to bring Mr Jingles to the vet on Wednesday of next week. Damn cat has to cost me a fortune. I can't afford to eat, but I have to pay for tests and two teeth to be pulled. He's my baby though, I love him. It's not fair that he should be in pain with his teeth, so I have to get that taken care of. At least they took a urine sample last week, and found that he doesn't have a bladder infection. They still have to do an X-ray to make sure there's no stones. Anyone wanna donate to my Jingles fund?! It's just another thing I will be throwing on my credit card and worrying about after.

*Note to family members that read my blog... grandma doesn't know that I'm not working again. Please don't tell her... I don't want to worry her. Mom knows, but she's keeping it a secret.

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  1. Aww I hope you get to feeling better soon!! Hot flashes are NO FUN!


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