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Friday 22 July 2011

Alone and distant from all that I feel
my mind takes vacancy from whats real,
I drift from moment to moment in fate,
for my soul to regain a conscious state.

Lost in a scary world called the mind,
no guide posts here for travellers to find.
Roads are many but which to take?,
so scared to make the slightest mistake.

The signal's are blocked for normality to rise,
instead clouds of dark emotion disguise.
Oh how can one contact the child within,
so it can rise up, banish demon herein.

Losing a battle between heart and head,
crowded thoughts and feelings unsaid.
'Emotions' run high for an outlet they yearn,
but scared to unlatch dark rage for it's turn.

Clinging to hope,but gripping with fear,
that one day soon my inner child will appear.
Free from past ashes,and battles not won,
clearing dark clouds by ingesting the sun.

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