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Thursday 4 November 2010

Against Time

Lately my life’s been really slow:
It’s like I’m standing still with nowhere to go.
But time’s moving like it did before,
Bringing changes that I’m not ready for.

The time’s moving, the new day is here,
But I’m still caged in my old fears.
I’m still stuck in troubles of the past,
Still in grief for all that didn’t last:
For all that I hoped would live for years,
For all that time forced to disappear.
Lately my life has been so bleak,
That it makes me ache and makes me weak.
It makes me wanna close my eyes and just wait;

Wait till time will make all the troubles fade.
Some say that time’s the best healer;
But sometimes it feels like time’s a stealer,
A traitor that takes everything on its way,
And then leaves me behind and runs away.
Whatever I might have earned is gone,
And time rushes me to carry on.

New day, new challenges, new choices,
New thoughts, new beliefs, new voices,
New ways to approach the old problems;
New errors in trials to solve them;
New ways to make the same mistakes;
New ways to make a heart break…

Merciless time pushes the sun up again,
Pushes me to greet the new day of joy and pain,
Forces me to become a traitor like time itself,
Forces me to forget what I have left behind myself,
Forget the friends that time has taken away,
Forget the pain and regrets of yesterday,
Forget about mercy, forget about guilt,
And just move on, destroying what yesterday’s built…

Move on and make new friends for tomorrow to take,
Move on and make new bonds for tomorrow to break,
Move on, stitch up and heal the broken heart,
Make it ready for tomorrow to tear apart…

I’m afraid tomorrow is as cruel as today;
I’m afraid to step into the new day.
And so my life’s gotten really slow,
As I’m standing still with nowhere to go…
…Maybe I should blame myself and leave time alone?
Maybe it’s my fault that I can’t carry on?
Maybe if I could step into tomorrow with no fear,
Maybe tomorrow will make the pain disappear?
Maybe tomorrow will bring new friends that’ll stay
If I treat them in a different way?

Maybe tomorrow isn’t all that bad…
Maybe it’s the past that makes me mad?
Maybe whatever time takes away today
Will be replaced by something better the next day?
Maybe, maybe not, no one can know for sure,
‘Cause “better” doesn’t necessarily mean “newer”

“Time’s the best healer”…So they say…
But is it right to ignore yesterday?
Is it right to live like there’s no tomorrow?
What if today’s joy is the next day’s sorrow?
And what if the next day will begin?
Would it be a day that you wanna be in?

“Time’s the best healer”…I don’t buy that line!
Time doesn’t let you rest and ease your mind;
Time is just simply not that kind…
Time makes you wait, and wonder, and think:

“Will tomorrow happen? What will it bring?
Will tomorrow be better than today?
Will tomorrow really be a new day?
Will tomorrow let me stay?
Will my loved ones be okay?
Will tomorrow be okay? Will tomorrow be okay?
What if tomorrow I’ll be astray?
Should I give up in advance and play,
And put on stake all my next days?
Or should I take a moment and pray,
Ask Lord to show me the way?”…

Before I know it, today is gone.
Despite of doubt, I’m forced to move on.
New day brings more questions to answer,
Making doubts and confusion grow like cancer…

But there’s a cure for a jaded soul like mine:
It’s the eternal and infinite hope that reminds
That peace and truth are beyond time,
That they’re always there for me to find,
Just as long as my soul isn’t deaf or blind.

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  2. Just beautiful ^.^


  3. Beautiful, and I like the pictures too. Very creative. I've always envied those that could write well.
    Good Job!
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  4. Bravo girlie! THis is excellent- pure poetry, prayerfull, beauty in words! It's truly, truly beautiful.


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