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Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Update on My Condition

I'm back at my mom's house and waiting to head over to my aunt's house for Thanksgiving dinner. Yes, I know today isn't Thanksgiving, but my cousin is moving away to The Virgin Islands and won't be here for it later. I'm looking forward to one of her yummy salads that she's famous for making... my mouth is watering already!

Anyway, the main reason for this post... I went to the gynaecologist today. She pressed on my lower abdomen and was like wow. She says it feels like I'm six months pregnant. Hmmm... that surprised me with that reaction. She said it could be either a uterine fibroid, pregnant, or cancer. I don't really like any of those choices.

So now I'm stressed out. I was a little worried before, but now I'm ready to shit bricks. Now I'm actually looking forward to the ultrasound on Friday! I go back in three weeks to find out the results... say a prayer for me. I don't know what to think. Cancer would be the worst... pregnant I could deal with... uterine fibroid I have no idea... that's probably the easiest one. I'm gonna go take a nap and meditate before I have to leave.

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  1. My thoughts are with you hun *HUGS* sometimes the waiting to hear back on something is the worst part, so try and hang in there!

  2. I will say a prayer for you. Try to stay positive- the mind is a powerful thing. Enjoy your Thanksgiving dinner!

  3. BIG HUGS! I will say a prayer for you--keep us posted.

  4. Damn. Those 3 options are all very life changing. I really hope it works out whichever it is.

  5. You're in my heart, thoughts and prayers. Try to find something that brings you peace in the time between tests and learning new things. You can't do anything but worry yourself more until you're updated, and that's not good for you, no matter what's going on.

  6. OH sweetie, so sorry. That is enough to scare tons of bricks out of you. Uterine fibroids, though, are very common and often benign. The big C is always a fear, but we'll hope for the best. I don't think she should've scared you like that, especially without any real evidence! Keeping you on my prayer list.

  7. ow. i hope its not on the 3 choices.. my prayers are with you.. no worries God is bigger than any of them..

    keep us posted! thanks for following my blog. i am ur newest follower here

    God bless!

  8. I don;t know if my post made it on here. If this is a repeat, i;m sorry!

    I've seen your post over at The Product Review Place. I'm now your newest blog follower. Love all your giveaways! Stop over and say HI!

    So sorry to hear about your health. I had surgery for Uterine Fibroids 1 1/2 years ago. I felt the EXACT same way and hand the SAME exact thoughts before my ultrasound, MRI, etc. I'm praying for you.


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