Friday, 10 September 2010

To Everyone Who Commented

I'd like to start off with saying thank you to everyone who prayed and wished me well. I'm a little behind of comments from the last few days, so I'm saying my thank you to everyone from here. I've been staying the last couple days at my mom's place, but I'm back home now.

Today's ultrasound felt like a million years... I was there in the room for about two hours. So I know I'm not pregnant... didn't think I was anyway. Now comes the hard part.... waiting until I get the results on the 27th.

This is going to feel like the longest wait of my life, and of course I'm naturally thinking the worst. The good thing is that I see my therapist on Monday, and then the group therapy on Tuesday. So I'll be able to talk about everything and get it off my chest. Talking about my problems and writing about them, always make me feel better.

So once again... thank you everyone for your blessings.

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  1. I ALWAYS find that writing out my feelings, emotions, and thoughts, makes me feel better. Makes me feel less "insane" (for lack of better words).

    I wish you the best, and will add you to my evening prayers. :-)

  2. Knowing a little sometimes beats knowing absolutely nothing. I'm glad you've got readers and professionals to help you through it. Thanks for sharing with us, I hope it helps!


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