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Tuesday, 7 September 2010

My Wednesday's Naughty List

Life As I See It

Time to strut your naughtiness ladies and gents!
List 3 naughty things you've done...
You know you want to!
How naughty am I?
Well take a look!

My 3 Naughty Deeds of the Week:
1. When I weighed myself at the doctors office, I got completly naked... with the eccption of a paper sheet! Hey, every pound counts!
2. My ex husband sent me a message on MSN asking for a booty call. This boy has no shame! So I messaged him back telling him to go fuck himself. And then I asked him if he had the $200 that he owes me... he got quiet after that!
3. The other day when I went out with Vivek (boyfriend), he bought himself a Chai Chiller from Second Cup... shame on me... I was bad. I only wanted one sip. I took the sip of all sips! I couldn't help myself... I had a moment with that tea... it was orasmic! Sorry babe... if you're reading this, but I'd choose that drink over you right now!!!!!! I've been eating so healthy, that it was sooooooo good!

Now go link up and share your naughtiness!
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  1. #1 is not's brilliant! :)

  2. Bwahahaha! Loved every answer you gave!! You lil' vixen you! ;)

    Thanks for the award, I finally got my post up about it on my blog! Hopefully you get a couple new followers out of the deal too :) Thanks again!

  3. Oh Loved #2 Great answer!

  4. Frigen right on the #2!!! I would have taken a naughty pic of myself and pit the caption: not yours anymore!!!

  5. MY kind of meme! Glad I stumbled on you yesterday and started following your posts! :)

  6. lmao at stripping to the papersheet!! awesome idea!!!

  7. Lol! Too funny!

  8. hahaha you're good!

    Thanks for linking up to Friendly Wednesdays!

  9. #1 - Wish I would have thought of that haha!

    #2 - You go girl!

    #3 - We all have to cheat once in a while =]

  10. I'm a new follower! I found you through the Wobble Over Wednesday blog hop.
    Can't wait to catch up with your posts.

  11. Good job with the ex! Tell him you're gonna charge interest and that it goes up every time he propositions you!

  12. Don't ya love throwing the F-off at the ex? So great!

    Out hopping, following you now.

  13. finally getting around to checking you out...and I like! I'm following.

  14. lol, Loved them. Espec. 1 & 2. :)


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