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How to face anxiety, panic attacks and depression to discover inner peace - Mind & Spirit - Canadian Living

This story was originally titled "Peace, Hope & Joy" in the January 2010 issue of Canadian Living.

Award-winning Canadian broadcaster Valerie Pringle readily recalls the moment at which she felt the deepest admiration for her daughter. It was several years ago, when Catherine Pringle, now 28, went back to work after taking time off to deal with anxiety and panic attacks. Her employer wasn't aware of her illness, and Catherine wasn't sure if she should disclose it.

"Catherine asked us, 'What do I tell them?'" says Valerie, who has three children. "Her father said, 'Tell them the truth.' She did, and today she will stand up and tell people, 'This is something I live with.' Her dad and I have never been more proud of her."

Sadly, not enough people speak up about mental illness because they fear how others will perceive them. Reports show that almost half of those who say they have experienced depression or anxiety have never talked to a doctor about it. And only half of Canadians surveyed said they would tell a friend or coworker they have a family member with a mental illness. At the same time, 72 per cent would openly discuss cancer or diabetes in their family.
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  1. Great article! My job isn't understanding of any of this and if I ever voiced what I deal with to my boss, I could lose my job.

    Thanks for sharing this!

  2. You're welcome... I'm glad you enjoyed it.
    All the best,

  3. Hello! Following you back! Good luck on your big gastric bypass adventure. Also... I'm a GAD sufferer, too! There are lots of us out there... just hidden! Mine is well managed with medications and lifestyle, but it's a challenge each day.

  4. i can relate to panic attacks, GAD, bipolar. i am also well managed with medications. i still have the anxiety every day, but it is not debilitating anymore.
    it is a dilemma on how much to divulge to others.


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