Tuesday, 7 September 2010

In Pain

I was in a good mood earlier, but now I feel bloated and have terrible cramps. I'm a week late for my favourite friend to visit... ummm, ya right! I have my gynaecologist appointment tomorrow, and I sure hope I don't start my period before then. That would totally suck if I started and then have to get examined while I'm flowing... I'd be so embarrassed. I can't put it off, as I'm worried about the large mass that my family doctor found.

Tomorrow I'll be staying at my mom's place. The rest of the week will be a busy one for me. I have the gyno appointment tomorrow, then I have my day treatment orientation Thursday, and my ultrasound on Friday. Wow... I don't think I've seen this much action in one week for a long time.

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  1. Talk about Stressful! I hope everything goes ok!!

  2. I hope all goes well.. I know it difficult to not worry .. especially about the unknown ...HHL

  3. Saw you the TTT hop! Geez....that sounds like some kind of porn site, huh? LOL
    Anyhoo, loved the title so had to pick you for one of my 4-5 new blogs to follow.

    I'll be rooting for your weight loss success (or for your acceptance that dessert is good and god put it here for a reason).
    Joined ya! Come see me too!

  4. Hi Kimberly,

    Keep positive, always.

    Kind regards,


  5. Hi there! Fingers crossed that "aunt flow" will wait until after your appointment!!

    I stopped by to tell you that we gave you a Life is Good Award! If you would like to accept, please come get details over here:


  6. Thinking good thoughts for your appt. and fingers crossed Flo says away for a few more days.

  7. I hope everything goes well tomorrow!

  8. Thanks for stopping over. Keeping you in my prayers. I suffer with weight issues and have been depressed often. I also have COPD/Asthma. My daughter has very severe OCD, she is 29. Life is so hard. Take care.


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