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Thursday 23 September 2010

Continuing to decline? Stand up, try to cope
Wasting minds lay misaligned
Fighting with perceptions wrath
It's no kaleidoscope
Answering the questions asked
False blooming serenity
A brief installment
Of lonely griefs involvement
Endorsing pour fulfillment
Vacating self composure
Always prescription pill bent
Every-ones look, full of joy
Your drowning in anxiety
Cold sweats and clenched teeth
Nursing a buzz till things blur
Strikingly sober stagger
Looking people in the eye
Trying to obtain yourself
Through family impressions
Gaining more interests
In expensive white canvas
And painting with no colour
When the bow breaks on us all
Cry for help like hell
See what gods will get involved
Another defenseless soul
Lost within their self
Cutting off its head
To spite its shoulders
Serendipity's over

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