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Saturday 7 August 2010

Dear Anxiety,

Without you... there would be no gravity,
I would not be able to find apprehension in any dictionary.
Hesitation would diminish and Freedom would reign.
Our heads would be weightless if you vanished.
With all the burden you are... no wonder we can't fly.

Without you, we could touch the sky without doubt,
Life would be effortless,
Fear would have no name,
You are a scar [longing to crack and spread in each of us]

You are the C A G E.
And we, the V I C T I M S.
You are the root to some of the greatest evils.
You are the inspiration to starvation,
You are the entity of vomit,
And nervous skeletons who will never be thin enough.

You are the hand itching to drugs,
You are the mouth that eats up every feeling,
You are the uncertainty of ourselves,
And some of us spend every day of their lives trying to forget about you.

You are the distorted vision in our reflections,
You are silent poison.
You replace our hearts with barbed wire,
Anxiety, you tremble within us all.

I hate you.

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  1. this is Sad. Breaks my heart. But, I know it all too well.

  2. Wow,,, well written! Your description of "A" so true in so many demensions.

    Takes for the visit and folowing..HHL

  3. You nailed that! I'm probably extra sensitive to it tonight. It's got me wound up and my ativan is NOT working. I feel like my teeth are going to be crushed from clenching my jaws.


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