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Monday 19 July 2010

Today is Good

I went to see my psychiatrist today and I have another appointment next Monday. So far I am feeling good about her... she has sent me for blood work already and is setting up a sleep therapy test to check to see if I have sleep apnea. She has sent me for stuff already that my family doctor should have done long time ago. I feel good seeing her... that I may actually be able to cope with this damn illness once and for all.

So she wants me to start noting all my symptoms and when I feel the way I feel. I kind of already do that on here... always ramble on about how shitty I feel! I'm looking at this piece of paper she gave me to fill out, and all I can think is that it's driving me nuts. The boxes are irritating me... the lines.... makes me want to rip it up into many pieces... hmmm.... think I'm a little crazy. The lines aren't clean enough... the paper has photocopy marks... I must create a new one to replace this so I feel better. Anyone else like me? Have to have clean crisp paper to write on? Maybe I'm just weird.

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