Wednesday, 30 June 2010


For the people, their meekness is protection.
That these rules in our lives. Ruled in theirs.
Why bother about will only bring grief...
…only to have what they have today. Is greed.
Must not think about things you cannot change.
All you care is about exist while you waste time thinking....
and yet
you are a living thing.
The way you treat yourself
is regarding yourself as trash.
Their coy remarks. Their kind gestures.
You told yourself that you never needed anyone’s lies.
Meant nothing to me. Meant nothing to you at all.
It’ll all just backfire.
I'll hate myself.
Make me think
for nothing about their nonsense.
What do you want, to compliment me?
Why bother…caring about me anyway.
Meant nothing 'bout anything.
I’m a stranger to all and
a misfit to all.
Even my family I wear a veil.
I don’t really care about what you think.
Strangers are friends when you talk enough.
Why bother…they never really care.
My mind I fight all off
the anger
somehow someone.
To see what I see.
Only those pathetic souls with something already to say
hollows emptiness is all I find in them.
Spurts of laughter is tough to come by.
How I become the fragile,
no I must be strong.
The heart that gives me breath.
I must be strong, to fend against those ready to attack.
My heart must be strong
and ready,
for the battle
every day of my life.
For people pretending is better then admitting.

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