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Sunday 12 July 2009


Weird looks and stifled laughs.
Obvious whispers and earthquake jokes.
Whenever I walk out my door,
People act like they've never seen a fat girl before.

As if I'm some rare abomination.
I'm just an embarrassment,
To our self-absorbed nation.
People who look like me,
Should never go outside.

No one sees my beautiful eyes.
No one sees my curly brown hair.
No one sees my pretty smile.
They focus on my belly,
Not caring about the rest of me.

At times it bothers me.
It even makes me cry.
Yet I know,
That if people really feel the need,
To waste their time making fun of me,
They are the ones,
Who are really hurting inside.

By: Kimberly, 2009

1 comment :

  1. I want to give you a hug! Your writing style is beautiful, as, i'm sure, are you.


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