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Sunday 18 January 2009

Flu or Cold?

I just finished my second day of work this week and I think I'm getting sick. I have three more days to go and I pray that I can fight whatever this is off. I just weighed myself and I'm at 280Lbs... this is a good time to seriously get onto a diet since I have no appetite. It's a good time to try and shrink my stomach and continue cutting back on quantity. Since I'm feeling like shit I'm just living on liquids... my meals consist of soups.

Right now I should be sleeping, but as soon as I lay down my chest hurts. Everything really started today at work and came on fast. My chest feels heavy and I can feel a wheezy feeling in my lungs. It hurts to cough... and when I breath I feel like my lungs are bubbling. Hmmm... this better not get worse since I'm working a new job. I'm so tired and want to sleep... I'm just sipping some green tea and hopefully that will help me sleep.

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