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Monday 1 December 2008

Can't Sleep

It's Monday night, and for some reason I can't sleep. I worked late tonight, but I work early in the morning tomorrow. I hate when the schedule is like this... hard to fall asleep since I'm programmed to stay up late. Tomorrow I will be falling asleep at my desk!

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On the weekend I was at my mom and grandma's place. I helped grandma put up her Christmas tree and I went shopping with mommy. I can't believe how unorganized I am this holiday season. Normally by this time I would have all my presents bought and wrapped. I just don't feel that much like celebrating this year like other years. Maybe it has something to do with everything that has been going on. Plus... I just feel so fat and uncomfortable in my body. I am too embarassed to see family members and that I got fatter then before. I can't use the excuse that my husband is depressing me anymore... but I do still feel depressed. How do I get out of this depression? Everything in my life just seems so gloomy right now.

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