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Sunday 26 October 2008

Finally Free

Last night was the first night on my own... Rachid moved out. At first I was a little nervous to sleep alone in the apartment... afraid of ghosts or some shit... I've seen too many movies! I guess in a way I'm afraid if I have a panic attack and no one is here. I have to try to control those... but I have to say that I feel great.

Since he moved out yesterday, I gave the apartment a good cleaning. I still have to work on the floor, and then it's perfect. I could only do so much yesterday since I was getting tired. The bathroom is sparkling... it has never been that shiny before. Every time I would clean, Rachid would mess it up and dirty it. It will be nice not finding hair on the soap and baby hairs from shaving in the sink. It will also be nice not to have dishes in the sink.

I have to say the biggest change would be in my cat Mr Jingles. Jingles was so antisocial a month back to the point that I was beginning to worry. I even took him to the vet and brought it up... but now I know it was only because of stress that he was acting out. Jingles even pee pee in bed on Rachid... but now everything is making sense. I noticed when Rachid started working more, that Jingles was getting his personality back. Now that Rachid has moved out... Jingles is the cute and cuddly furry beast he used to be. I'm amazed... it goes to show how fighting in a home can do fucked up things... he's just a cat and it really effected him... can you imagine what it would do to a child?

I finally did it... he's out... and it's time to move on and live my life... time to finally be free!


  1. may you be richly blessed in your solitude until you decide whether or not to change it! yours is a sadly familiar story--i haven't had to live it, but my best friend has, and she has now (after 5 years) given her heart to a (thoroughly-vetted) wonderful man, and i hope that--if it is your wish--you will someday have the same. but remember: cats truly "know" people before we do, so he'd better be a cat person!! ;-)

    best wishes, dear girl--

    meowers' mom

  2. That's an absolute blessing that he has moved out. You and Mr Jingles will be so much happier now and I bet Jingles never pees on the bed again!



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