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Wednesday 24 September 2008

It's a Good Day... Good Life

I am so happy for the first time in a long time. For starters... I finally got a job. Thank God! I start work the next day after Thanksgiving (October 14), and I'm looking forward to getting into a routine again.

The good thing about this new job, is that I am able to walk to work...which means I will be saving on bus fair ($80/month). It's a 15min walk... so that will help in trying to get healthy again. Right now I'm the heaviest I've ever been in my life... I've gotten so fat. I can't walk without getting hot and sweaty and it's becoming embarrassing. I've also noticed that my PCOS is the worst ever... can't get it under control. I've been going months at a time without ovulating because of the weight gain.

Good thing is that I'm ready to get healthy and lose weight. I'm ready to start a new job and a new life. I am ready to kick Rachid out of my life for good... I'm ready to be happy again! I am happy! I am so blessed to have a wonderful family who are very supportive, and I'm blessed to have wonderful friends who love me no matter what size I am. I thank my friends and family... I could not find the strength to move on without you. Oh... and most importantly... Mr Jingles... I would have lost my mind long time ago if it wasn't for him! He is the one man that never said my ass is too big or if I've gained weight!!!!

So for those of you who are struggling with weight loss and eating disorders like me... stay strong... tomorrow is a brand new day.

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