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Sunday 7 September 2008

I am a little annoyed right now because I wrote a long post and I lost everything because my internet went down. Grrrr to my internet provider!

Anyway, I've been busy and haven't written in my blog for a few days. I went out to a movie on Friday... I have to say the movie sucked, but it was nice to actually go out and enjoy being treated nice for a change.

As usual, my husband was being an asshole again tonight. Not a day goes by without him acting like a jerk. I've had a lot on my mind the last week or so regarding some personal issues with my hubby... I know that I have to say bye to him asap. I went on an interview today (Saturday... haven't slept yet) and I'm praying that I get the job. If I actually got it... I could say "Go fuck yourself" to the hubby and never look back!

To all my friends... I wanted to say thanks for helping me through these tough times.

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