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Tuesday 9 September 2008

Bye Yellow Brick Road

At some point, in everyone's life, we all have to say goodbye to things.
Things we love.
Things we need.
Things we want.
Is like walking this long road. And all along you had someone next to you.
When it was raining, they were right there beside you, getting wet, but not minding the rain.

When the sun was rising, they were there. Watching the first burst of sunlight hitting their face.
And you thought: How curious....the way that light shines down on him....
And when the sun came down, he did not mind it was getting dark. "Its ok he said....Tomorrow is another day"

And all along,you walked through fields of gold. You thought: The autumn never felt so sweet.
The sky was never that blue.
One sunset, we ran into a split in the road....
And I looked behind me, and I saw the valleys, the fields, the roads that we had walked.

And I thought: Such a long way we have come.....
And I noticed I was alone.
And I went back to look for you.
I thought, Where Did I leave you?? Where did we loose each other?
But it was no use. I could not find you.
So I went back to the divide in the road.
And I felt I was lost.
I noticed that the sun was rising. And I saw you waiving goodbye to me.
You were smiling.
I did not know why...

I thought: If I run fast enough, I could reach.. I can be near
But the road was long, and I knew you were happy. It was time to say goodbye.
So now I walk through new fields.
Tonight,I was looking at the sunset, and I thought of you.

I Wondered: Where would I go on the road??
And I was on top of the cliff.
And I saw your shadow casting over a winter sky....
And I said: Goodnight and good luck.

By: Kimberly

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