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Monday 4 August 2008

Still Need Job

Hey everyone... Happy Monday! I guess it's more happy Monday for me since I'm still jobless! I enjoy lounging around the apartment, but now I'm getting bored being home. My anxiety is quite bad at the moment that I don't even go out for a walk. While being off from work I have put on even more weight...I am now at my highest weight ever. I am scared to death that I keep going the way I'm going and will be over 300Lbs. I have to kick into gear and get fit.

I do have some good news...I have an interview tomorrow with the Toronto Humane Society, for administration. I would be working in the main location downtown which would be awesome. I just pray that I get this job. I would take this lower paying job over any other job as it is in the field that I want to work in. I believe it only pays $10/hr, but being able to work with animals in the shelter is more important to me then anything. So everyone say a prayer for me that they offer the job to me on the spot tomorrow...I need my furry friends to pray for me!

Visit the Toronto Humane Society

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  1. I wish you the very best of luck at the Humane Society interview!


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