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Wednesday 6 August 2008

Check Out VistaPrint t-shirts

As some of you may know that I went to school for the arts. I studied visual arts all through highschool, and then in college I took graphic design. Well during that time I had a favorite site that I liked to use for different items that I would purchase for projects and also for personal use. The site is called VistaPrint, and they sell everything from business cards, to invitations, to t-shirts, personal rubber stamps with ink, stationary, and much more! The site is offered for many different companies, so you can always check out the latest sales for the country of your choice. The prices are very reasonable, they have affordable shipping and handling, and everything always arrives in a timely manner.

One item that I noticed that seems to be new recently are the personalised t-shirts. The t-shirts start at $13.99 and are available in a few colours (black, light blue/grey, and white). VistaPrint offers high quality shirts, and are a great way to market your business or send as a gift. The shirts are 100% preshrunk cotton, and it's easy to design and order from the website. The shirts come in a range of sizes. The available sizes are: S, M, L, XL and XXL. Of course they are available in short sleeves as well as long sleeves, and they also offer cheaper prices if you purchase in mass quantities... the more you buy... the cheaper they become!

So check out VistaPrint... I guarantee it will be a fun experience!

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