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Tuesday 1 July 2008

Happy Canada Day!

Happy Canada Day all! Normally if I was working I'd be so happy to have the day off...ah, but I'm still unemployed! Today I'm actually going to my mom and grandmother's place. I have a date with granny tonight...we're toing to see Dirty Dancing in live theatre. We have been talking for quite a while to go see this...but finally there was a holiday deal so my mom bought them for grandma's birthday. Her birthday isn't until July 8...but who cares!

I will be posting about the show later on tonight and let you know how it was...I'm sure I will love it no matter what! I've seen that movie a million times...even had to replace it twice when it was on VHS because it wore out! I know every line in that movie...."Nobody put's Baby in the corner"!

Since the show is downtown, grandma and I will probably go for a nice meal before the show, and maybe try to see some fireworks after the show...that's if the show doesn't go too long. I assume we will still be able to see fireworks somewhere. Oh I'm so excited!!!

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