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Tuesday 1 July 2008

Calling All Moms!

Attention!!! Calling all mommy's a quick way to earn some extra cash! Did I get your attention yet? Ah, I thought so! If you're a stay at home mom and wish to earn a little extra money while the kids are sleeping, you have to visit SocialSpark. Blogging for money is such an easy way of bringing in some extra money every month. If you have a computer, and you enjoy're all set!

I've been keeping a blog now for almost a year, and came across some sites where they will pay you to post about different products...and of course you get paid to do it! It's's's fun! The best new site is SocialSpark. You will find it's very user friendly, reliable, and you don't have to wait long once you request a slot to write from the advertisers.

All you have to do is sign up for an account, which of course is free, add your personal blog...wait for it to be approved, and then have fun writing.'s that easy!

I'm not exactly a mom myself...I am a mom to a kittie, not sure if that counts?! But someday I do wish to have children...and even then I will still continue blogging! Of course instead of posting a million cat photos I will be posting a million of my kids!

So all the mommies out there...kick some butt and start blogging. Put the kids down for a nap and make some extra money! Oh, and of course don't forget to have some fun!


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