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Saturday 14 June 2008

Old Fashion Family Fun!

As a child I used to always remember grandma having Readers Digest Magazines lying around. Well I found them online! Not only do they have all the same type of content on their webpage, but they have geared it for family life. Check out the website - Family Life!

There are many interesting articles on all different types of topics. My favorite was "Family fun on a budget". It has great tips on summer fun without hurting your pocket...which for me is really important since I lost my job. It talks about some old fashion going on a picnic, cooking or playing dress-up. Most people these days have become slaves to their tv's or computers...of course I'm writing on one right now...but it's all about technology these days instead of nature.

Now I'm not a parent myself...but hopefully some day I will be. I am a parent of a cute kittie Mr Jingles...but I don't think that really counts. Readers Digest have so many parenting tips and fun things to do this don't forget to check it out! Visit - Parenting!

Every day there's always an awesome joke section which you gotta check out...quite funny. I used to always jump to the joke section when I was a child...the best part of the book. No matter what'de always love the jokes!

So this summer on a rainy day you should check out - Family Life, so that you can plan some fun in the sun!

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