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Saturday 14 June 2008

Happy Saturday everyone! I've been awake for hours..don't know why I can't sleep. I ended up watching Evan Almighty on the movie network. I'm sure going to miss the movie channels once they're gone. Oh well...too expensive to pay right now. I have to make sure I find a job first before I have all the expensive stuff!

Today doesn't look too pretty outside...think it's going to rain. It is so hot in my apartment...I don't think the airconditioner is working properly. Just what I have to replace something when I don't have the money! I'm keeping fingers crossed that it's just me having hot flashes.

I'm in the mood to go's been so hot and humid...I hope the water is cold. I don't have anyone to go with me...I know Rachid wont feel like it. Him it's like pulling teeth to try to get him to do anything with me. We have nothing in common anymore...only once in a blue moon we spend time together. Like few days back we actually watched a movie together...think he was feeling sick or something!

Anyway...time to go pass out for a while...too early to be awake!

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  1. hopping here from LR. Very nice page you have here..I scrolled down right thru the bottom...such wonderful pics you have..keep posting and wanna wish you a wonderful weekdays ahead..TC!


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