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Monday 16 June 2008

Normally I write every day in my blog...but for some reason my blogger was not giving me access to write a post. There was some kind of glitch...but at least it's fixed now.

So far my job search has been garbage...nothing so far. I'm starting to worry and thinking that I should just apply at some crappy fast food place until I get something good. I'm starting to worry about bills...I know my husband is useless and wont help me out at all. Last week has been very stressful when it comes to the job search. All the good jobs are already taken due to students...I was fired at a shit time.

Other then having a crappy time job searching, I've realised that this is the perfect opportunity to get into shape. The last week I've been feeling sorry for myself and stayed in...God I didn't even get dressed during the day. I'm back on a regular schedule and waking up bright and early...which is perfect for an early morning walk. Only thing that sucks is that with me being home more I'm eating more. Hmmm...I guess one step at a time. I'm trying to be positive.

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